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Sachin Tendulkar thanks the traffic police for saving his close friend.

Sachin Tendulkar tweeted a congratulatory message. He thanked a Mumbai Traffic police constable who had rushed an accident victim to Nanavati hospital. The cop took proper care of her spine that got damaged in the mishap. The victim turned out to be a close friend of Tendulkar who recently greeted the traffic cop. “The world is a beautiful place because of such people, Sachin Tendulkar said” 

Mumbai Police shared Tendulkar’s tweet on their Twitter handle on Monday. An excerpt from the tweet reads, “A few days ago, a close friend met with a serious accident. By God’s grace, she is better now. However, it was the timely help from a traffic cop that marked the difference. He immediately took her in an auto to a hospital and applied real presence of mind. Cop ensured her severely damaged spine had minimal movement while traveling. There are several people like him who go beyond the call of duty.  

The victim Nirupama Chavan was the close friend of Sachin Tendulkar.  

The incident took place around 4.57 pm on November 30 opposite Santacruz police station in Santacruz (west). The victim Nirupama Chavan was commuting in a rickshaw and a heavy vehicle hit a pole next to her rickshaw. The pole fell on her rickshaw, severely injuring Chavan. About 10 to 15 people rushed to the spot and lifted the heavy pole. The traffic constable, Suresh Dhumse, wasting no time put her on the rickshaw seat and took her to Nanavati hospital. 

The Traffic cop Dhumse told the Indian Express. I sat in the passenger leg space holding her purse and mobile. I asked the driver to drive slowly as the hospital was only a few minutes away. The woman was in pain from an injury to her spine. To comfort her I sat on one corner of the seat and kept her head in my lap. Her husband called on her phone and I informed him that I am taking her to Nanavati hospital. Some days ago, her husband called me and said her surgery went on for seven hours on that day. He thanked me saying she is able to walk now. I felt happy to hear that. 

Sachin Tendulkar thanks the traffic police for saving his close friend.

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