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Former Pakistani Dictator Parvez Musharraf died in Dubai.

Former President and Retd General of Pakistan Parvez Musharraf died in Dubai. He died after a prolonged illness in a hospital. He was getting treatment for an illness in Dubai. The Supreme Court of Pakistan declared Musharraf, a fugitive in the murders of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. He was also convicted for the murder of a Red Mosque cleric. Parvez has been living in UAE since 2016. The Court of Pakistan charged him with treason for suspending the Constitution. Musharraf went to Dubai for his treatment a few years back and has not returned to Pakistan.  The Former President of Pakistan was born in Delhi during Pre-Independence era and was raised in Karachi and Istanbul. He got his education from Forman Christian College in Lahore and the Royal College of Defence Studies in the United Kingdom. He enlisted in the Army in the 60s after graduating from the Military Academy. Musharraf served as a second lieutenant in the Indo-Pakistani War and was commanding an artillery brigade. Former President Parvez was promoted to major general four decades ago and assigned to an infantry division before commanding the Special Services Group. Soon, he was appointed deputy military secretary and director general of military operations.

Former PM Nawaz Sharif made Parvez Musharraf the head of the armed forces in 1998.

Parvez Musharraf played an important role in the civil war in Afghanistan and encouraged his support for the Taliban. Former President Parvez rose to national prominence after the Prime Minister promoted him to four-star general. Nawaz Sharif made Musharraf the head of the armed forces in 1998. It was Parvez who led the Kargil infiltration, which triggered a war between India and Pakistan.  After months of tired relations between Sharif and Parvez, PM Nawaz Sharif attempted but failed to depose him as army commander of Pakistan. In retaliation, Parvez Musharraf staged a coup to become president of Pakistan in 2001. It was Parvez Musharraf who placed Nawaz Sharif under house arrest. The Former President initiated the formal criminal proceedings against him.

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