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She is the loudest among women’s rights activists

Nowhera Shaik is the loudest activist in India. She is the owner of Heera group of companies which is a consortium of more than 15 companies. Company deals in Heera Gold, Heera Silver, Heera Mart, etc. She is the richest Indian woman with a worth of rupees 1 lakh crore. Nowhera Shaik is born into a family stricken into poverty, but her dreams were different from girls of her age. Shaik wanted to fly with both her wings open and imbibe the ombre hue of the sky; she always wanted to be a free soul whose movement would not be controlled by the patriarchal world.  

Nowhera Shaik and her consistent efforts.  

Nowhera Shaik has concerns for the poor and the people with lesser privileges. Since her childhood, she has seen the effect of lesser education. She has established the Heera group of companies to stabilize the vulnerable section of society, especially women and girls. Nowhera Shaik had no clue whether her life would take her but had this much faith in her hard work. She has worked 24×7 with the dedication to reach this position to dominate the patriarchal world.   

Nowhera Shaik was a complete novice in the field when she founded the Heera group of companies at the age of 25. A network of 1 lakh crore is not what she considers to be something of an achievement. She believes in the count of only those persons whom she has helped with her money and achievements. Allah tested her on several occasions but passed all through the endeavor.  After three years of gap, she has decided to bounce back in the business world. Nowhera Shaik is not the only Queen of South India and a major philanthropist who has risked her entire assets to help the needy. She is the Champion of women’s rights and has always endeavored to empower them politically and financially.  

She is the loudest among women’s rights activists.Nowhera Shaik

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