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School shuts in Hyderabad after the kid tests Covid positive.

Days after starting physical classes, authorities forced a private school in Banjara Hills to stop offline classes and shift to online mode.  A class 9 student tested positive for Covid-19. 

Parents alleged that the school failed to take necessary precautions and added that many students are down with Covid-like symptoms. A parent says School forced me to send my son to school as the schools stopped concentrating on children attending classes in online mode. Within two days, my son started developing Covid-19 symptoms. Today, I am taking the Covid-19 test as one of his classmates tested positive for the virus. 

The parent said that despite requesting the school not to start offline classes, the management was adamant and parents had no choice. Further, he went to school personally and tried to convince the management not to start offline classes. Hia’s son hardly went to school for two days and he is already sick.  

The school, which has multiple branches in the city, resumed online classes on November 1. Hardly 10 days later, the government forced the school to shut down physical classes as a student tested positive for Covid-19. 

Parents from Hyderabad said that they cannot take the risk of sending their children for physical classes.  

Parents said that they cannot take the risk of sending their children for physical classes unless the management guarantees. If all Covid-19 protocols were followed religiously then they might send. It would be better if the management traces all the students who have come in contact with the student. Authorities should inform the parents so that they would take necessary precautions. 

The management should think twice before starting offline classes again. Another parent said, he can’t risk his children’s lives in the current situation where many children testing positive for Covid-19. Parents said that there is a possibility that Covid-19 cases were reported in several schools in the city. Cases also coming Elsewhere in the state, but management is hiding them and silently shifting back to online mode. 

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