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When you purchase Heera Digital Gold, you get access to a storage wallet at no additional charges.

Investing in Heera digital gold relieves you from the fear of theft or accidental loss that comes with storing physical gold in a locker at home. In the case of physical gold, it is crucial that you buy hallmarked gold, or you may get duped into purchasing counterfeit metal. But this is never the case with Heera digital gold, mainly because they are certified by government agencies. Physical gold is anything but cheap. However, you can purchase Heera digital gold for an amount as low as 1 unit. Purchasing Heera digital gold allows you to invest in fractional gold; plus, its price is determined by the wholesale market rate, not other factors such as geography or even a pandemic, making it highly affordable. If you opt for a bank locker to store physical gold, you’d need to pay monthly rent for as long as you’d use the locker.   

Your Heera digital gold investments stay secure without additional storage costs. 

No Additional Charges: When you buy gold jewellery from a jeweller’s, you pay to make charges which add up to a substantial portion of your purchase. When you buy Heera Digital Gold, you completely eliminate the additional charges and pay only for the gold. 

No Storage Costs: When you purchase Heera Digital Gold, you get access to a storage wallet at no additional charges. 

Low Investment Costs: You can buy Digital Gold for as little as 1 unit, with no investment in the minimal amount, you can purchase gold as much and as frequently as you want to. 

Security of Storing Gold: Storage of precious metal in a secure manner is a huge concern on people’s minds while investing in gold. Usually, people prefer not to keep gold at home since it can result in thefts or burglaries; but might do so in a bid to restrict the costs of renting out a locker. Buying Heera Digital Gold allows you to bypass those concerns. 

Easy Liquidity: Gold is popular as an investment, because of the easy liquidity it offers to investors. People can sell gold and easily avail cash, in the case of financial emergencies. Buying Heera Digital Gold promises increased liquidity since you can sell the gold with the click of a few buttons and easily avail cash at times of emergencies. 

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