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She was arrested one day! All political people behind it!

Being the founder of the Heera Group of companies Nowhera Shaik has gone through several challenges. As everyone knows, there is a group of politically motivated people behind this. Meanwhile, Heera Group has repaid those investors whose data has been handed over to it. As the company promised My investors to repay all their money inshaAllah everyone will get on time.  

In 2012, a Member of Parliament asked Nowhera Shaik for ransom, and she refused him to pay a single penny. He filed a complaint against Heera Group in the CSS police station, and later his followers from across the country started registering false cases against her.  All these fake cases resulted in her arrest in 2018, but Nowhera Shaik never bowed down in front of him. Meanwhile, the followers of the Member of Parliament continued calling and asking for a ransom to take back all the fake cases. However, Nowhera Shaik decided to fight the battle through legal means and did not pay them. Everyone came to know who was behind the conspiracy and who wanted to defame the Heera Group.  

The Supreme court of India has granted regular bail to Nowhera Shaik in all the pending cases.  

The Supreme court of India has granted regular bail to Nowhera Shaik in all the pending cases. She has made great contributions to nation-building. Heera Group of companies is an Institution of nation-building. She is a victim of political vendetta, and the alleged Member of Parliament tried to fix her permanently. However, Allah has always been kind to her even in the worst phase of her life. Now Nowhera Shaik is ready to bounce back with the same determination and energy. 

For 8 months Nowhera Shaik was harassed by the police department. Sparingly they have harassed her. On each day of the police custody she was interrogated and was under pressure from the police department. But she wasn’t in custody. She fought for herself. Nowhera Shaik was touched mentally and even harassed till she broke down. It’s so hard to explain what all went through during the interrogation of the police department. Shaik had faced a lot within these months. Although she wasn’t able to understand why all these incidents took place.  

She was arrested one day! Nowhera shaik

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