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Nowhera Shaik: One of the richest women in India.

Nowhera riches woman in india
Nowhera Shaik

Most of us are familiar with the high profile richest Indians like Ambanis, Adanis, Birlas, Tatas, Godrej and many more, but who is the richest woman in India? It is something that did not hit many headlines. We are shedding some light on this space and the ranking, and some media report says that the lady ranked as no 1 in India has a net worth of around 1 lakh crore, she is the owner and CEO of Heera group Dr Nowhera Shaik. Dr Nowhera Shaik is a self-made billionaire. From working as a vegetable vendor to India’s richest women, she has struggled to mark his success in a patriarchal world.

A Quran teacher to one of the richest Indian Women

Nowhere hails from Tirupati and is the daughter of a poor vegetable seller. From a Quran teacher to attaching Dr before her name, you can understand how much struggle she has done to be one of the richest Indian women…

In the year 2008, Shaik started a Ponzi scheme to uplift women living in the countryside. All of this was done without an office in a town near Tirupur. In 2008, she formed Heera Group as the investment grew and her business began to expand. Shaik opened her first office in Mumbai and started trading gold from Ghana.

Nowhera Shaik entered into politics.

In 2017, Nowhera Shaik decided to enter into electoral politics and formed her All India Mahila Empowerment Party (MEP). She decided to content all the seat in the Karnataka assembly election. She was not known to anyone in politics, but her more active personality and mankind gesture attracted voters toward her. Party also brought star campaigners like famous Bollywood actor Arbaz Khan and Sohail Khan to canvass the MEP.

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