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Nowhera Shaik must be in the Parliament

Nowhera Shaik is a lady protagonist born once in several decades. She has dedicated her entire life to the cause of women and child development. India has seen many women politicians who talk for women rights but none of them has made an effort after going into parliament. Nowhera Shaik has been working to empower and educate women since her childhood however she had established a school for girls at the age of 25.  She started her business empire in 1998. For 25 years her company Heera groups have been serving customers with various business activities like Gols, Textile, mineral water, Jewelry etc.  The Heera group has generated jobs for millions of people, especially in South Indian states. Back in 1998, she introduced a gold scheme to help poor and needy women with halal investment.  

Dr Nowhera Shaik in Indian politics  

In the year 2017, Dr Nowhera Shaik launched the All India Mahila Empowerment Party (MEP)  with a noble cause to promote women’s participation in the Assembly and Parliament. Nowhera is the loudest women’s rights activist in India. She not only talks about women empowerment but also does a lot of work for their betterment.  

Development is the second biggest issue after women participate in the MEP agenda. Dr Nowhera Shaik has been very active on the issue of women’s safety and women’s education.  Before entering into politics Dr  Nowhera  has been working to empower poor and needy women in society. Politics is just a platform for Shaik to serve and help people at large.  Thought Heera group already working on women’s cause. Nowhera Shaik launched the Heera group to give employment and business opportunities to women.  

Indian politics needs Dr Nowhera  because no one has worked for women’s cause as she did in the last 25 years. Shaik runs free residential schools for girls and encourages them to be self-reliant in life. Dr Shaik runs a free shelter home for abandoned and divorced women and helps them financially and economically. Dr Shaik is the lady who craved millions of lives, above all she provided them employment.  

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