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Nowhera Shaik is a woman of Integrity.

Nowhera Shaik born on (21, September 1973 in Tirupati is the oldest daughter of a cleric who led Five-time Prayer in a mosque. From a very early age, Nowhera Shaik started working on women’s issues and formed a small women’s group at the local level. Nowhera dreamt of establishing a residential school for poor girls for which she sold her ancestral properties including her house. She has faced several ups and downs in her career but never thought of giving up. She is a woman of integrity and purpose and her determination made her a role model for millions of poor working-class women.  

Dr. Nowhera Shaik is the Founder and CEO of Heera group of companies with a turnover of 10000 crores. Owing to dozens of malls, the company trades in Textile, gold, electronics, and food products, it has a staff strength of 30,000. In 1998, Nowhera Shaik started a Heera group of companies to empower backward women of society by providing them employment. She dreamt to make women independent and self-reliant and her dream came true when Heera group became a 1 lakh crore company.  

Heera group was formed with a noble purpose.  

It has been 20 years since the Heera group was formed with a noble purpose. In these 20 years, Nowhera Shaik has expanded her business to metro cities. Women across the nation believed and invested in Heera groups and they made huge profits. Heera group investments ranged from thousands to lakhs of rupees. Later, Company launched Heera mart that sells Garments, food products, Electronic products thus thousands of customers invested in the company’s scheme. Since then the company started making huge profits and clients benefited from schemes that attracted more investments. Like any other successful business, Heera group also came on the radar of enemies but it did not affect the company’s profits.   

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