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IndiGo Plane’s Engine Catches Fire Moments Before Take-Off In Delhi. Know more.

An IndiGo aircraft was grounded at the Delhi airport after a video showed one of its engines on fire on Friday night, seconds before taking off for Bengaluru. All passengers and crew onboard IndiGo flight 6E-2131 are safe, the Delhi Police said. There were 184 people on board the Airbus A-320 aircraft. The incident took place around 9:45 pm and the passengers were not immediately evacuated. The passengers got off the plane after 11 pm and were accommodated on another flight around midnight. One of the passengers, Priyanka Kumar, posted a clip of the incident on Twitter; which showed one of the engines on fire and sending off sparks. The video indicated that the fire went out within moments.

 A detailed probe will be carried out into the incident and suitable action taken: DGCA.

Aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation’s (DGCA) preliminary report said that; the pilot used the fire extinguisher in the engine. The DGCA has said a detailed probe will be carried out into the incident and suitable action taken. On 28-10-2022 indigo A320-Ceo aircraft VT-IFM operating flight 6E-2131 (Delhi-Bangalore) was involved in reject takeoff as Engine 2 Fail warning came. Loud bang was heard. Fire extinguisher bottle was discharged. Aircraft returned to the bay. It has been grounded for inspection,” the DGCA said

The flight would have taken off in five to seven seconds. Suddenly, she saw massive sparks coming off the wings, and it turned into a major fire. And the plane was stopped immediately. The pilot informed them there was some malfunction with the engine,” Priyanka Kumar told News agency. They are still in the plane. The situation is under control. The fire brigade came. The plane has been taken to a parking bay. And IndiGo is arranging another aircraft for us,” Ms Kumar said.

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