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Heera Group in the field of Education majorly for girls.

Alhamdulillah with the grace of God Nowhera Shaik has been endeavoring to empower poor and backward women of society giving them a better education.  Since the very beginning, she has had only one goal: to educate and empower girls. Heera Group of companies was established with the aim to empower backward and downtrodden women and girls by educating them.  Since 1998, Heera Group has been patronizing thousands of NGOs who are working on women and child education. Meanwhile, it has brought several policies to educate girls. They have been continuously endeavoring on the key issue of women and children. 

Heera Group is an organization that has put everything into educating and empowering girls. 

Education is the only key to bringing a revolution in society. Educating girls is equal to educating the whole family. Heera Group has educated thousands of girls belonging to poor and marginal sections of society. The Group is probably the only organization that has been continuously working to educate the poor. Heera International Islamic University is situated in Chandragiri Mandal, which is 15 Km from Tirupati. It is a platform for disseminating Islamic knowledge. University has a structured way for people to gain a comprehensive knowledge of Islam. The University has developed dozens of unique courses and Allhamdulliah enlightened thousands of students. 

Moreover, the Interaction between teachers and students will play a vital role in the educational process in Heera Islamic University. Teachers act as advisors and mentors to students to help them gain knowledge and prepare them to become lifelong learners. Lastly, the interaction between faculty and students not only during classes but in public events and community forums. InshaAllah once the university will start it will nourish millions of students.  

Heera Group in the field of Education majorly for girls.

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