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Heera Group CEO, she is the lioness bouncing back.

Dr. Nowhera Shaik, Heera Group CEO is the lioness of Indian business and she is ready to bounce back. She is ready to bounce back after three years of breakthrough. She has always dominated India’s economy with Real Estate, Heera foods, Heera gold, and Heera Mart. Shaik has created enormous wealth for her investors. The last 5 years were quite eventful for the company but Nowhera Shaik is ready to bounce back. On August 1st, the Heera group introduced 3 digital coins in the market for example Heera digital gold, Heera digital silver, and digital platinum. 

It is no unknown fact that gold has been the cash now for the Heera group for a long time. The company has planned for extension and it will put other gold businessmen into an awkward situation. At present Gold contributes 70% of the profit in the company. It has been giving employment to 1 lakh employees therefore the company has greater implications for the Indian economy.  

More than 40000 investors have been repaid  

Nowhera Shaik promised that she would repay all the investors within 16 months. As of now, she has repaid 40000 investors in 4 installments. Despite lots of troubles and cases, investors are standing with her. She is the lioness of Indian business who has been dominating Indian business since 1998. She is ready to bounce back in the market after a 3-year gap. The love of affection everyone has shown encouraged her to bounce back.  

Heera group also launched digital gold on 1st August 2021 in India as well as overseas. You can buy digital gold through E-wallets for example Paytm, phone pay, and google pay. It purchases the same amount of physical gold and stores it in a secure vault. You can buy digital gold with an amount as low as rupees 1 from any part of the world.  

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