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Dr Nowhera Shaik laid the foundation of Heera Group as a Business with Purpose to serve humanity.

Heera Group is a business organization that is established to make the world interest free. Dr. Nowhera Shaik is a businesswoman who has made her way up there through several years of hard work and dedication. She not established the Heera Group to generate profit but to help poor and marginal women. She then went on creating several other associated business ventures under the subhead of Heera Group. Heera Group promotes women’s causes. Heera Group is not just an organization that seeks to generate profits from its wide range of products; it is the natural promoter of women’s causes.

Heera Group is more than a business organisation.

The company has proved itself to be more than just a business firm. It has constantly helped several marginalized sections of society above all girl children and widows. Although starting from training women in the office to providing them with vocational skills, it has massively promoted the cause of women’s empowerment in remote villages. Rural women directly or indirectly; benefitted from the schemes launched by Heera Group.

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