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Do you know the age of most influential women, Nowhera Shaik?

Dr Nowhera Shaik was born in Tirupati on September 21, 1973. She is the oldest daughter of Sheik Nanne Sahab, a businessman at the time of her birth. At the age of 19, she began working on women’s problems and developed a small women’s group at the regional level. Moreover, after facing lots of criticism and false allegations, she didn’t stop doing philanthropist activities. Thus Nobody defines grace and power better than Dr Nowhera Shaik does. She fantasized about initiating a school for girls, although she lacked capital. After being discouraged from everywhere, she sold her ancestral properties and built a residential school for girls. It was difficult for the daughter of a small businessman to open a school, she did not give up.  

Today, Nowhera Shaik is listed as one of the most influential and richest women in India.  

Nowhera Shaik is one of the richest and influential women in India with a Net worth of rupees 1 lakh crore.  To begin with, Heera Group has operated in five countries like India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, and other Gulf countries. Meanwhile, She started various social service initiatives like mobile medical services the needy people. She has created job opportunities in the company for job seekers above all women in the last 20 years of their journey.  

Likewise, she continuously provides 5% yearly profit towards women empowerment causes. And offers free professional courses to all students living below the poverty line for the State of Karnataka. She initiates special provisions for the growth of women by providing interest-free loans  for setting up a business of their choice. Being Nowhera Shaik is not easy in the contemporary world because it needs lots of patience and hard work. She has been working continuously with all the dedication and hard work. However, she has faced many hindrances but never left her sacred cause.   

Nowhera Shaik turned 48 today. On the occasion of her birthday, we pray for him for her strength and power to keep doing good and achieving all her dreams.  

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