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A message from Heera Group to the paid trolls.

Good morning Heera Group supporters and investors. The Heera Group of companies is bouncing back into the business world. As you people are aware of the fact that Heera Group is endeavoring to repay the investors money. Heera Group has done a lot for its investors in the last two decades. A lot of investors have been getting a profit for the last 20 years. They have got more than their principal amount.  

There is a video circulating on Social media and youtube that Heera Group CEO Dr. Nowhera Shaik has left Hyderabad, she is absconding. We just want to ask a simple question for these people, if Dr. Nowhera Shaik would have to run away, why would she have produced the asset worth 900 crores to settle the investor’s claims? Why will Dr. Nowhera run from pillar to post for investor data? Why will Dr. Nowhera Shaik go to the Supreme Court to fulfill the claims of the investors? All this misinformation is being circulated by paid trolls who do not want Heera Group investors to get their money back. The first mistake investors have made is by believing in these types of fake news and going to SFIO. Now all the claimants will have to wait because their claim is pending in SFIO and only god knows how much time it will take.  

If we talk about non-claimants and those who believed in Dr. Nowhera Shaik, they already got their certain percentage of investment. However, Heera Group is still waiting for its data and its bank account is still frozen. Heera Group has done whatever they have been asked, now everything depends on Court discretion.  

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